Big Bang Buckaroo Slots

Make Some Bucks with Big Bang Buckaroo Slots

Time to make some big cash with Big Bang Buckaroo Slots by Rival Gaming, a modern day take on the old frontier theme that still grips casino floors around the world. This nostalgia packed powerhouse is a 3 reel 5 paylines classic video slot that keeps its appearances and gameplay as simple as possible so players can focus on what matters: spinning the reels and stuffing your pockets with gold. You’ll feel right at home with this new take on the standard Wild-West game complete with familiar icons like a variety of colored 7s, single BAR, double BAR, and triple BAR and some theme specific symbols like the robot cowboy Buckaroo and a sheriff’s badge.

Big Bang Buckaroo Slots offers a large range of coin sizes starting at $.01, $.05, $.10, $.25, $.50, $1, $2, and $5. This large variance means this game is great for the penny pinching newbies and for high rollers looking for a game with a kick. The max bet per spin is $75 which should keep even the most high-brow slot game aficionados happy. The game is a simple slot game and a slight drawback is its lack of special features meaning some elements that have begun standard in the field like free spins, multipliers, and bonus games are absent. While this makes the game feel super streamlined, some players may miss them.

WIld Sheriffs and Stacks of Cash

The sheriff’s badge will substitute for any and all symbols across the reels and unlike most wild symbols in other slot games, can even pay for two of a kinds leading to powerful winning combinations.

The key to the winning big in the game is using all three coins in play. Doing so will lead to larger payouts and jackpots as opposed to tiny payouts if you’re just tossing down single coins. The orange lucky 7 will award you 150 times the bet and the purple lucky seven will grant you 120 times the bet. The real kicker is the sheriff’s badge that if enough are spun on the reels can hit you with 1500 times the bet and the grandslam if you can somehow fill all the tiles with the symbol you can pocket 7,500 times the bet. That is a monstrous award and it is these cards up Big Bang Buckaroo Slots that make it a solid game worth getting lost in.

Big Bang Buckaroo Slots is a Solid Slot Game

Big Bang Buckaroo Slots by Rival Gaming may be lacking some of the shiny extra features that many games are sporting but what it does have is a sleek design, a great range of coin variables, and a massive 7500 times the original bet payout. If you’re looking for some fun and don’t care about bonus features and just want to spin the reels than Big Bang Buckaroo Slots is the game for you.