Chicken Little Slots

When you don’t need an overly complicated game and just want to get spinning and have a blast while doing it, Chicken Little Slots is the game to play. It’s a classic 3 reels and 1 win line game that harkens back to an earlier era of online slot games but does so incredibly. Immediately upon launching the game you will be greeting with crisp, cartoon graphics that are just enough to give the game its own style. Keeping with its style, Chicken Little Slots come packed with some great familiar and original symbols like acorns, bars, Chicken Little, gooses, and hens.

Getting into the Chicken Coup

For a classic 3 reel game, Chicken Little Slots sure knows how to pay out large with the max win of 4000 coins. The coin selections range from warmed up beginner to high-rolling stud. Coins range from $.05, $.10, $.25, $.50, $1.00, $2.00, and $5. While there is no penny option like some slots, this game would be perfect for someone who is actually looking to try and win big and doesn’t mind throwing nickels down the pipeline. This is all the more important with this 3 reel game offering a whopping max payout of $20,000 if you swing big with $5 per bet. Chicken Little Slots comes packed with HUGE potential.

How to Really Hit Big

The standard big payout in this game is 800 coins (which is still massive for a slot game with a wide range of coin sizes) but to get the big jackpot, the surreal 4000 coins you need to be able to get three Chicken Littles in a row, while also utilizing all three coins. The Chicken Little symbols also serve as the wild symbol. What makes this slot game even more fresh is that even getting one wild symbol in a winning spin will double your take! What’s better than that?

Time to Hit the Farm with Chicken Little

Chicken Little Slots is the perfect slot game for having fun while still padding your wallet with sweet money. The game has a nice art style, strong smooth gameplay, and the ability to hit really, really BIG! While this game may not be right for the absolute beginner who is looking for penny slot action, Chicken Little Slots is great for anyone who wants to have fun while also winning some coins.