Global Cup Soccer Slots

Soccer Comes to the Online Slot World

Global Cup Soccer slots by Rival Gaming is a 3 reel 1 payline classic slot game looking to bring the world's most popular sport to the spinning reels of your computer screen. As soon as the game opens you’ll be greeted with your paytable to the left and three reels with a green soccer field design atop a sleek metal dashboard adorned with the typical assortment of buttons like spin, autoplay, and a coin size selector. Global Cup Soccer Slots coin sizes are $.01, $.05, $.10, $.25, $.50, $1, $2, and $5. While the higher coin sizes are a treat for a classic slot game, since there are only 3 reels and only 1 payline the max bet is a less than stellar $15. The symbols you’ll find across the reels are realistic and vibrant and stand out against the green field that serves as the background. The symbols are a bronze trophy, a silver trophy, a gold trophy, standard Bars, a referee, and of course, a white and black soccer ball.

The Beginning Half of the Soccer Game

Like the actual sport, Global Cup Soccer slots breaks the game into two parts and this is represented on the paytable on the left hand side. The aim of the first half of the game is to rack up some multipliers by spinning soccer balls or bars on the reels. 1 soccer ball on any of the reels will award you a multiplier of 1x or 3x depending on how many coins are in play. If 2 soccer balls are on the reels you will find yourself with a multiplier of 5x to 15x the coin value. Mixed bars can pocket you up to 15x while 3 single bars can net you up to 30x, 3 double bars will award you upto 90x, an the grandaddy is the 3 triple bars that can send you dribbling up the field with a 120x multiplier. Like most soccer games, this first half isn’t where the interesting things happen as that tends to happen in the latter half of the game.

The Final Half of the Game

As the game begins to wind to a close that is where players start taking huge risks and gaining huge rewards and in Global Cup Soccer Slots they emulate this experience by adding massive multipliers. 3 mixed trophies can land you up to 30x, while 3 bronze trophies will give you 60-180x multiplier, 3 silver trophies will give you up to a 240x multiplier, and 3 gold trophies can have you kicking the ball across the field with a 300x multiplier! Remember in the first half of the game where getting 1 or 2 soccer balls could hit you with a small multiplier? In this half of the game 3 soccer balls across the reels can have you screaming “GOAL!” with 200x to 600x multiplier respective of amount of coins in play.

The ultimate win and largest multiplier is the 3 referee symbols that can hit you with a gargantuan multiplier of up to 2500 coins.

Time to Win the Global Cup

Global Cup Soccer Slots is one of the most innovative slot games in the market not only using soccer as an aesthetic theme but also introducing unique game features like splitting the game into two halves and applying tons of multiplier options. Even if you don’t like sports, this game is not a game to miss.