Heroes Realm Slots

If you’re looking for your Grampa’s slot game, an emulation of a metal cabinet with 7s, BARs, and Cherries spinning on the reels than maybe Heroes Realm Slots isn’t for you but if you want a high octane video slot that’ll not only keep your wallet fattening but will keep you amused through the night then look no further! Before you even start spinning, Heroes’ Realm Slots will greet you with an action packed video sequence of a heroic battle between our He-Man like protagonist and his female super-powered companion against a team of evil skeletons and a massive monster. Once the action packed video sequence ends you’ll be presented with our two heroes overlooking the reels. Rival Gaming is back again with an over the top game looking to reinvent the genre of online slot games. This game is perfect for players who want something more from their slot experience who are tired of the standard slot game with the standard symbols and gameplay.

The awesome symbols you’ll find across the reels suit Heroes’ Realm Slots perfectly. You’ll find a treasure chest, a skull, a shield, a sword, a magic potion, daggers, a flail, a hammer, and a mighty axe!

This 3 reel video slot has a steady range of coin sizes ranging from $.01, $.05, $.10, $.25, $.50, $1, $2, $5, and $10 with a max bet of $30. The great range from $.01 to $10 makes this game perfect for penny pinching newbies and high rollers alike.

Great Multipliers and Treasures Await

The name of the game is multipliers. You can arm your hero with special items by spinning three of them in a lucky spin. Three maces will grant a 15x multiplier to your line bet, three shields will award you a 90x multiplier, swords give 120x and the most rare and powerful are three axes that will grant you 2,250x your line bet. That’s a massive payout.

Two daggers on a spin will award 10 free spins and three daggers will provide 50 free spins!

Entering The Bonus Battle Round

To enter into the bonus round where you must battle your foes, you need to spin three skull symbols. Once spinning the symbols, you’ll have to choose whether you want the man or the woman do the battling. You will get to play an action sequence where you will have to do battle with the skeletons and their monster leader. If you succeed, you will receive a huge bonus payout.

Wield the Sword with Heroes’ Realm Slots

Heroes’ Realm Slots is an action packed thrilling online slot games that lifts some major inspiration from modern fantasy games and movies. Rival Gaming has released a game that is sure to shake up the entire online slot game industry. Don’t keep playing your Grandpa’s boring slot game, take a spin at something new. Draw your sword and wade into battle to bring home all the gold.