Surf Paradise Slots

Surf Paradise Slots by Rival Gaming is a steady mix of a solid online slot game and a summer blast that will keep you smiling as you spin the reels and stuff coins into your wallet. The game is a 3 reel 1 payline classic slot with some interesting video game like graphics that harken back to the 16 bit era but in a way that gives the game a cool retro vibe that makes the spinning reels that much more enjoyable. Sure, on the reels you’ll find some standard bar symbols, but you’ll also be catching palm trees, surfboards, and big waves too! The reels are set front and center with crashing blue waves in the background and a beach hut to the left with a yellow surfboard resting against it giving a true experience of summer. The paytable is embedded into the hut shows all of the various combos you’ll need to land to say “Surf’s Up Dude!” as you’re hitting big.

The dashboard has the standards like the coin size selector, bet max, the spin button, and an autospin button that is welcome in all slot games. The coin sizes are fairly standard ranging from $.05, $.10, $.25, $.50, $1, $2, and $5. While some penny pushers may feel left out, Surf Paradise Slot is worth the nickel. The max bet per spin is a cool $10.

Hit The Big Wave

Sure landing three bars can hit you with a max of 100 coins, palm trees can pay up to 140 coins, and mixture can pay around 100 but this is a surf slot game and that means the name of the game is the waves! Three wave symbols on any given spin can pay anywhere from 740 coins to 2000 coins depending on coins in play and sizes.

Grab Your Surfboard and Hit the Big One

Don’t know how to surf? No problem. Surf Paradise Slots is a blast of beach living that you can enjoy while staying cool in your living room. The game is tight has interesting, fun graphics and a beautiful layout that makes the game enjoyable from the first spin to the last. Rival Gaming is known to take classic slot games and making really interesting fun experiences while keeping simplicity and performance in tact. Enjoy summer anytime with Surf Paradise Slots and don’t stop spinning until you feel the waves beneath your feet and finally hit that big one that will stuff your wallet with coins!