Diamond Dazzle Slots

Enough of the cute animals or weird space themes, sometimes you just want to play a slot game that makes you feel like your on the floor of your favorite casino. Diamond Dazzle Slots by Rival Gaming is a 3 reel 1 payline video slot that harkens to the golden days of video slot madness. As soon as the game loads you’ll be greeted with the three reels atop a violet/ indigo background. Across the reels you’ll find a series of colorful gems and diamonds that will serve as the symbols in this game. The symbols are the small diamond, the red gem, the purple gem, the orange gem, the medium diamond, the large diamond, the green gem, the black diamond, and the aqua gem.

The coin sizes are $.01, $.05, $.10, $.25, $.50, $1, $2, $5, and $10. This great range of coin sizes means that Diamond Dazzle Slots is great for the penny pinching newbies just dipping their toes into the waters of the online slot ocean or for experienced high rollers looking to make money and don’t mind throwing down $10 per coin. The max bet per spin is $30.

Making the BIg Bucks

Diamond Dazzle Slots is a game that proves that slot games don’t need bulky features or weird side show components to be fun; this video slot proves that simplicity and strong gameplay are all that really matters. The name of the game here is landing matching combinations but what you really need to keep your eyes open for are the black diamonds If you can land a black diamond on each reel you will be hit big with a whopping 1500 coins. You can line up some white diamonds for 600 coins and some red gems for 450.

Gather Your Jewels and Cash Out

If you’re looking for a solid slot game that will keep you entertained for hours while you’re spinning the reels than DIamond Dazzle Slots is the game to play. This game isn’t packed with special features or weird bonuses, it’s a classic slot game packing a punch and solid payouts. Today there are so many games that try to cover up poor gameplay with bulky side elements that make the game laggy and polluted, but Rival Gaming wears the crown for packaging games that focus purely on the spinning the reels and fattening your wallet. Diamond Dazzle Slots should not be missed.