Jackpot Five Times Wins Slots

If you loved playing Five Times Wins Slots, you will thoroughly enjoy playing Jackpot Five Times Win Slots. The difference between these two slots is that the latter has a progressive jackpot. This is another slot game that you can play on your mobile device at Slots Capital Mobile Casino.

About the Game

If you read my review on Five Times Wins Slots, I was very happy with the wins I was fortunate to receive. Now I am going to try out Jackpot Five Times Wins Slots to see if I am still on that glorious roll. But in reviewing this slot game, the only difference is the progressive jackpot. You still have the Auto Play button to use at any time.

Playing the Game

The symbols in Jackpot Five Times Win Slots are classic in nature, except for the 5X Logo which is a Wild symbol with a 5xs multiplier. As with the original Five Times Win Slots, you still have the option of betting one to three coins; you still have the multipliers at the top of the pay table. Located to the right of the slot at the top you will see the 1xs, 2xs, and 3xs multipliers. Except that the 3xs multiplier is the Progressive Jackpot. So if you can afford to, I highly recommend you bet the max. I played and won on the 3rd, 5th, and 7th try. So again, this is one lucrative slot game that I highly recommend you play.


What else can one say about a slot game that pays out at an alarming rate? Moreover, with the 3 multipliers and the progressive jackpot, how can you not give this game a go? Regardless of whether you bet one, two, or three coins, you will still come out a winner.