Dollars to Donuts Slots

Dollars to Donuts Slots

Break Out the Sweet Tooth with Dollars to Donuts Slots

What goes perfect with online slot games? If you didn’t say donuts then maybe you just haven’t tried it yet, but Dollars to Donuts slots is bringing enough sweetness you’ll feel a rush without even taking a bite. This slot game is fun, fresh, and original and really is a nice change of pace in a crowded world of food themed slot games. How many times can you spin the reels watching apples, oranges, or bananas appear across the screen? Instead, you’ll be keeping your eyes open for donuts and their sweetness; you probably won’t care about their sweet taste, but the sweet stack of coins they can put into your wallet! The symbols are perfect additions to the donut theme and just bring the whole experience together you’ll find variously sprinked BAR icons, a strawberry frosted donut, the Dollars to Donuts symbol, and three sevens, one lemon frosted, one apple frosted, and one blackberry! The symbols are fun but may cause you to develop an appetite. This 3 reel 5 payline game is the perfect frosting to a great time.

Dollars to Donuts slots also caters to both the new player and the experienced highroller by offering coin sizes like $.01, $.02, $.05, $.10, $.25, $.50, $1, $2, and $5 meaning that the max bet is $75.

Wild Donuts and Lucky Sevens

The Dollar to Donuts symbol also serves as the wild symbol in this game and can replace any other symbol on the reels leading to sudden winning spins! But unlike most games, the wild symbol also is incredibly powerful and leads to the highest jackpot in the game of 5000 coins.

If you’re throwing down three coins a spins, you’ll get the most out of Dollar to Donuts slots. Getting three sevens on the reels of the same color has payouts ranging from 90, 120, and 150 coins. Other great combination are the donut symbol that pays 30 coins for and 15 coins for 2.

Time to Start Stacking Away the Donuts

Dollars to Donuts slots is a fun game with a great max jackpot of 5000 coins. With varying coin sizes that will satisfy newbies and intermediate players together, a tasty theme, and frosting smooth gameplay, this slot game is the epitome of what a food slot game should be. Sit down with a sweet tooth and get your hands on some donuts by spinning away!