Sensational Sixes Slots

Rival Gaming, a major force in the online casino industry, pushes the envelope with their latest, debonair and high tech game, Sensational 6’s.

About Sensational 6’s

Featuring state of the art graphics and smooth game play, Sensational 6’s is a retro themed game, that takes place in the 1930’s. Featuring art deco graphics, Sensational 6’s is a classic three reel slot with a single pay line that packs a vintage and powerful punch. All the icons in this game reflect this vintage, Great Gatsby type game. This game doesn’t come with just one wild, but three wilds overall.

The first wild automatically brings a two time multiplier. The second wild comes with a 4 times multiplier, and the third wild yields a six times multiplier. Even better, if you manage to land all three multipliers on the reel, you will win the jackpot of 1,000 coins. Its also important to note that each wild will only land on one particular reel, so you will have to play all three reels if you want to win the jackpot. The other game symbols are bars, black spades, red hearts, blue diamonds and green clubs. This game is a three coin wager game. So depending on the number of coins you wager with, will determine the amount you win. So if you land all three wilds on a two coin wager, you will win 2,000 coins, and on a three coin bet, you will win 3,000 coins.

The second highest paying symbol in Sensational 6’s are the black spades. Again depending on the number of coins you wagered with, you will either win 20, 40, or 60 coins. The red hearts ranks the third highest, shelling out 15, 30 and 45 coins respectfully. Landing a single icon except for the wilds, will pay out either 1, 2 or 3 coins. Sensational 6’s does not come with any scatter symbols and for that matter does not feature any bonuses. There is also no progressive jackpot.

You can place your own bets or play it through auto play mode. There are buttons to play instant single, double and maximum credits. If you’re ready to hit the art deco scene, 1930’s style, then all you need is a penny to get the reels starting. Rival Gaming, a driving force in the online casino industry, presents Sensational 6’s, a sensationally new slot game, now available at many online casinos.