Ten Times Wins Slots

After reviewing Five Times Wins Slots and Jackpot Five Times Wins Slots, I will now review Ten Times Wins Slots. Hopefully my luck will still hold. This slot game is similar to the original Five Times Wins Slots. The only difference is that you can win a 10xs multiplier instead of a 5xs multiplier, and there are three lines instead of one. Once again, this is a full screen slot which makes it very easy to play and view.

About the Game

Ten Times Wins Slots is a classic slot with one special feature – the 10X Logo. All of the symbols are the same as its sister slot, and is even more lucrative. The pay table is located to the right of the slot allowing you to view the symbols and payouts with ease as you play. At the top of the pay table you will once again notice the 1xs, 2xs, and 3xs multipliers that correspond to the symbols and the number of coins you bet. This is a 3-coin max slot, and I highly recommend you bet the 3 coins to achieve outstanding results.

Playing the Game

As mentioned earlier, the 10X Logo symbol is the Wild symbol and will pay out a 10xs multiplier. Also, this slot has 3 lines, so the chances of you getting three 10X Logos are greater. But let’s take a look at what you can win. If you bet one coin and get 3 Logos you will win 1500 coins with a 1xs multiplier; bet two coins and you will win 3000 coins with a 2xs multiplier; and if you bet 3 coins you will win 5000 coins with a 3xs multiplier. After 11 spins, I won on five of them with a win of $630 on the 11th spin with three green 7s on the top line. As I stated earlier, with three lines in this classic slot, the chances of winning are greater, although I did pretty well with the one line classics I mentioned at the opening of this review.


Ten Times Wins Slots is definitely a winner, and you should play it on your mobile device at Slots Capital Mobile casino. But be careful not to shout out when you win a substantial payout as those around you may think you’ve lost it. In fact, you won it! If this streak of mine keeps up, playing the classic slots may be my forte. Make it yours!