Milk the Cash Cow Slots

Milk the Cash Cow Slots

Rival Gaming brings you to the countryside with Milk the Cash Cow Slots, a 3 reel 1 payline classic game with a solid cartoon rural theme. Like the movie franchises and other entertainment industries who have a great product and milk it for all its worth, so do farmers who have a cow with a lot of milk! As the game opens you’ll see a beautiful countryside in the foreground of rolling hills, a young woman milking a white and black cow for gold! Find your own fortunes by spinning the reels of this fun cartoon slots. The symbols mold well with the game and the are standard bars, the cash cow, a stack of cash, and a bucket of gold! The coin sizes have a nice variation and begin at $.05, $.10, $.25, $.50, $1, $2 and $5. Milk the Cash Cow Slots is not for the penny pinching newbie but for a player that is looking to spin the reels of a fun slot game and isn’t worried to throw down a little cash! The max bet per spin is $15.

Don’t Drop the Milk!

Milk the Cash Cow Slots by Rival Gaming is a strong classic slot game that just gets to the point avoiding some of the quirky and confusing styles of other slot games. Understanding the game is as simple as a glass of milk: the cash cow is the wild symbol and substitutes for any other symbol across the reels to complete and create winning combinations! One or two cash cows in a spin will triple the payout of the win! The jackpot is only available if you’re playing with three coins per spin. To win the big payout you’ll need to spin three wild cash cow symbols across the reels.

Stop What You’re Doing and Milk the Cash Cow

Milk the Cash Cow Slots is a fun 3 reel classic slot game that adds just enough flare to keep it interesting while focusing on great gameplay. The game is for both experienced players and new players with a low entry coin size of a nickel. Milk the Cash Cow Slots is what a slot game should be with supreme gameplay, an original theme, and an easy to understand jackpot. Don’t just stand around and let others milk all the cash out, grab the utters and fill your buckets with gold.