Snow Wonder Slots

Snow Wonder Slots

Prepare for Some Snow Wonder

Remember the good old days? When school would be canceled and you’d run for your front yard in your winter jacket and enjoy the white wonder that had piled up outside your door? The days of building snowmen and snowball fights may not be a distant memory after all; Snow Wonder Slots aims to capture that feeling of mystique and wonder that always seemed so magical…. and cold! Rival Gaming brings the snow day to your computer screen in this classic 3 reel 1 payline slot. The game is perfect for the newbie or for the high roller with coin sizes as follows: $.01, $.05, $.10, $.25, $.50, $1, $2, $5, and $10 and a max bet of $30 per spin. Whether you want to tiptoe with a penny per spin or you want to channel the high roller by throwing down Alexander Hamilton’s, Snow Wonder Slots is the classic slot with a retro feel to keep you having a blast and stuffing wads of cash into your winter jacket!

On the reels you’ll find some classics like the Bar, the Double Bar, the Triple Bar, a Green Seven, a White Seven, and a Red Seven. You’ll also see a Pine Cone, a BoughofHolly, and a Bell!

Snow Jackpots and Snow Angels

Snow Wonder Slots comes packed with various winning combinations that promise to pay out big. Like spinning 3 pine cones and winning 150 to 450 coins. This slot game is awards players who use 3 coins (the max) per spin as it raises all of the payouts dramatically. The top prize for a traditional winning combinations with 3 coins is 250 coins. The game has load of combos; get the three bar symbols to win up to 45 coins, and various combos of 7s pay well especially three white 7s that pays up to 225 coins.

If you’re lucky to spin three Boughs of Holly you can win big with 750 coins and a top prize of 2500 coins!

Time to Take a Snow Day

Snow Wonder Slots is a great classic game with a nostalgic theme and a great payouts. The large assortment of winning combinations are also welcome as they continue to payout as you’re working your way up towards a jackpot. Maybe it’s time to take a snow day and return to the days of snowmen and snowball fights by spinning the reels. Why not stuff your pockets with white gold and get lost in a great classic game. You owe it to yourself!