Pistols & Roses Slots

Pistols & Roses is quite an interesting game. Although there are card suits in the game, some are red in design and some are black and white. These are considered low paying symbols. The pistols are also low paying symbols, with 3 exceptions. But the real payouts come with the 7s and red roses. This is an okay game, but frankly I wouldn’t put it up there with other classic slots in this genre.

About the Game

Before playing the game, we advise you to read the 3-page pay table so that you are aware of the symbols and payouts. There are no bonus features in this game, but there are a myriad of multipliers for many of the symbols. The background in this slot game is grey, which offsets the black, white, and red symbols. There is an auto play button available for your convenience.

Playing the Game

You can wager from 1 to 3 coins in this game. I recommend you always bet the max to have access to the higher payouts when you win. The first page of the pay table shows the four suited cards. All will pay 3xs your bet if they appear in a winning combination. Page two of the pay table shows the pistols, the bullets, and the chamber. These symbols will payout 3xs your wager up to 210 coins. Page three of the pay table will consist of the 7s and the red roses. The 7 is the Scatter symbol. It will pay out up to 360 coins when you get all three plus a 3xs multiplier. The Red Rose is the Wild symbol. This wild symbol will replace any other symbol to form winning combinations. It may also substitute for the scatter symbol. When you get one Rose on the reel, you will win a 2xs multiplier. For example, I bet the max and won $120 for getting just one Rose. If you get all three Roses on the reels, you will win 1500 coins with a 3xs multiplier.


This is an okay slot game if you can manage to get the rose symbol on the reels more times that the other symbols. This is not a high paying slot, however, the multipliers will add to the payouts giving it more of a boost. You can play Pistols & Roses Mobile Slots at Slots Capital Mobile Casino.