Red White and Bleu Slots

Red, White, & Bleu Slots

A clever play off of the American moniker of “red, white, and blue”, Red, White & Bleu slot game brings a fresh theme to the slot universe and that is a French themed game! Honoring the colors of La Tricolour (what the French call their flag) this game brings the experience of the romantic Parisian cafe life to your screen. Many games get too caught up in the theme that it becomes overbearing for the player. What’s the point in a beautiful game that is so cluttered and confusing that it isn’t fun to play? Red, White, & Bleu slots keeps the dashboard clean and accessible, the theme is an addition to the game instead of being centerfold. What you’ll find under the bread basket here is a 3 reel 1 payline classic slot game that comes backed with a fun bunch of symbols that add a little bit of bleu cheese to the mix, to give the game an extra bite! The symbols are some standards like the single BAR, the double BAR, and the triple BAR, and a blue seven, red seven, and white, but also a bleu cheese symbol, red grapes, and white grapes!

How the Cafe Works

The coin sizes in Red, White, & Bleu slots comes with a variety of options that are perfect for the novice playing not looking to break out more than a couple pennies to the real hardline gamers looking to fatten their wallets while getting a taste of France. Coin sizes are $.02, $.05, $.10, $.25, $.50, $1, $2, $5, and a whopping $10! That $10 high option is what makes this slot game stand out as a game with a real opportunity to pay out in huge ways! Most classic slots cap out at $1 or $2 coins, but in Red, White, & Bleu slots you can really set some high aspirations with a max bet of $30!

The Name of the Game is Combinations

The real name of the game is combinations and that is how you will hit big.The highest paying combination is the three pieces of bleu cheese that can pay you between 1500 coins to 6000 coins (meaning you can hit a jackpot of $60,000!). Sevens like most games will pay out handsomely from 5 to 120 coins for a mixed row or up to 300 coins for 3 red sevens.

3 white grapes can pay between 50 to 150 coins and 3 red grapes paying an upward of 600 coins.

Come for the Bread, Stay for the Coins

Red, White & Bleu slots is a great classic game with an original Parisian theme that comes packed with high coin sizes and impressive payouts. This game is certainly not to be missed.