Bust-a-Vault Slots

Bust-A-Vault slots by Rival casino software is busting into the online slots world and for good reason. It is a fantastic classic slot game that harkens back to a time when slot game designers focused more on the quality of the game, payouts, and player experience than adding a bunch of silly graphics and weird game modes. Bust-a-Vault slots is a 3 reel 1 payline slot game that is perfect for the old school casino aficionado looking to take a break from the late night living and have the same fun in the comfort of their own homes but also is entertaining enough for the casual player. With a wide variation of coin sizes Bust-A-Vault slots is perfect for players of all experience levels from penny pinching newbie to careerist high-rollers. The coin sizes are $.01, $.05, $.10, $.25, $.50, $1.00, $2.00, and $5 dollars. Unlike most slot games that cap out their coin sizes at $.50 or $1, this slot game offers a ridiculously high max coin size setting itself apart from many other classical slot games.

The symbols are classics from the casino likes bars, lemons, cherries, oranges, and of course, safes! Bust-a-Vault slots also has a really clean and easy to use dashboard which offers various options from wager, to number of coins (1-3), and whatever multiplier you’re interested in using. Also, it has a max-bet feature, making it easy to try and jump at the jackpot!

Vaults Full of Gold

One of the most startling components of this game is the massive payout potential of up to 2000 coins. That is a whopping $10,000 dollars if you’re playing with a max wager of $5. The wild symbol substitutes any other symbol and also adds a 2x or a 3x multiplier to winning spins!

The massive payout is what makes Bust-a-Vault a must-play for any serious online slot gamer.

Time to Bust into Some Vaults

In a world polluted with every kind of slot game there is from video game inspired bulky games to quirky cartoon adaptations, the online slot world has ballooned with games primarily focusing on the look and aesthetic. Bust-a-Vault slots breaks that trend by bringing in a classic slot game that focuses on stellar gameplay and huge payouts. With 2000 coins as a max payout, this game is not to be missed for any new spinner or highroller looking to maximize their wallets with some fun.