Fantastic Fruit Slots

Fantastic Fruit Slots
Rival Gaming is known for creating tight, fun, and interesting online slot game that near emulate the speed, efficiency, and energy of casino floor slot cabinets. Fantastic Fruit Slots is no exception to the rule and is a very simple and straightforward game. The theme has been seen before, but nowhere near as well in Fantastic Fruit Slots. As soon as you load the game you’ll be presented with a clean and colorful dashboard with the reals easily visible right of center. Atop the reels you’ll find the paytable listing the various symbol combinations that you’ll be spinning for and beside it are a crisp bunch of fruit. The dashboard is sleek and has the the buttons you’ve come to expect by an online slot game like the spin button, coin size selector, a toggle for amount of coins, bet max, and an always delightful auto-spin button.

Fantastic Fruit Slot is a 3 reel 1 payline classic slot game that buzzes with nostalgia with every spin of the reels. This game is great for the casual player who is looking for a colorful, simple slot game that isn’t packed to the brim in confusing bonus features. The coin sizes are $.05, $.10, $.25, $.50, $2, and $5 making the max bet $15. Though penny pinching newbies and high rollers that like to throw down Hamiltons may be upset, the coin sizes are fair and should fit the needs of most players.

Stocking Up on that Fruit

You’ll only find five symbols across the reels: plums, lemons, cherries, bars, and apples and your goal is to see how many times you can land 3 matching symbols. Like most classic slots your payout will depend on how many coins you have in play. Three bars will hit you with 10x-30x your coin value, plums award 20x-60x, apples 30-90x, and lemons paying 40x-120x. The cherry plays in two ways, 1 cherry in any spin will multiply your coin value by up to 3x and two cherries can pay up to 15x your coin value. But the real prize is lining up 3 cherries which will stuff your wallet with up to 15x your coin value!

A Lite Game for Fun Night

Fantastic Fruit Slots is a fun and easy online slot game that is a game that you can just kick back and spin the colorful reels while sipping a beer. It’s not a high octane video slot, it’s for the casual player that is just looking to have some light hearted fun. WIth a solid array of coin sizes and great payouts of up to 400x your coin value, Fantastic Fruit Slots by Rival Gaming should not be missed. It’s the perfect game to distract you from a bad mood or add some life to a dark day.