Sevens and Bars Slots

In case you haven’t noticed as yet, we are reviewing old and new slot games that have been converted for mobile play. This is a big deal for mobile players from the US as many of the top online casinos have been slowly adding more mobile slots for their members. At Slots Capital Mobile Casino, you will be able to play the very popular Sevens and Bars Mobile Slots, along with other favorite slots providing a new and exciting experience especially for new mobile players.

About the Game

Sevens and Bars is a classic slot with a twist. It has a special feature that our mobile players will really enjoy. Moreover, the pay table is located to the left of the slow allowing players to view the symbols and payouts while playing the game. We’d like you to keep in mind that there are three different colored 7s, which will come into play in a big way.

Playing the Game

As you will see from the pay table, you can bet from 1 to 3 coins. If you bet one coin and get all three red sevens located at the top of the pay table, you will win 750 coins; bet 2 coins and get all three red sevens to win 1500 coins; and wager 3 coins to win the jackpot of 2500 coins. But there’s more! There is a special feature in this game that is quite exciting. If you get any red, white, or blue 7s on the center line you will win 3xs your bet. However, if you get a red, white, and blue 7 (in that order) on the center line, you will win 5xs your bet. Now this is a great incentive to play this game.

Three Cheers for the Red, White, and Blue

Sevens and Bars is a wonderful game that you can now play on your mobile devices. New players will thoroughly enjoy experiencing mobile game play at Slots Capital Mobile Casino by starting with this slot game. Moreover, you can play more of the older slot games you’ve enjoyed before the big mobile boom.